Minor Literature(s) publish more of my “Fragments”

I have been writing an ongoing series of “fragments” for a few years and rarely submit them anywhere for publication, hoping I would complete the sequence of 106 and then submit to a publisher as a full volume.

However, occasionally I see a potential “home” for my work and therefore submit a few pieces.

The wonderful independent publisher, Sublunary Editions, published three fragments (#1 #2 & #5) in their journal of miscellany, “Firmament” and now another US based publisher, Minor Literature(s), has published fragments #9, #11 & #3 at their online journal.

I would like to thank both publishers for their generosity and for looking at, reading and choosing to publish my less than conforming works.

Besides having more work out in the public domain, it motivates me to finish, edit, re-edit and plan the remaining 100 fragments.

I find it amazing that I’m being published alongside the wonderfully innovative writer Louis Armand at Minor Literature(s) and Éric Chevillard and Rilke at Sublunary Editions.

You can read the Minor Literature(s) publication here, and you can purchase the Sublunary Editions ‘Firmament’ issue here.

I really hope you enjoy my writing and comments or feedback is more than welcome on this post, whether I listen to you is a different matter!!!

Photo, Rwetyepme – Mt Sonder – in Northern Territory on Agangu land – taken by Tania Verbeek (used with permission).

8 thoughts on “Minor Literature(s) publish more of my “Fragments”

  1. Hi Tony

    Congrats on this lovely piece. It is a pleasure to read.

    Also – thanks for introducing me to this journal! I saw they had a current call out for interviews and sent a submission and they have accepted it.

    Hope you are well and happy.


    Liked by 1 person

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