The Combinations – Louis Armand – updated chessboard

In my last post about the structure of Louis Armand’s ‘The Combinations’ I wrote about the novel being modeled on a chessboard. Pazter from contacted me after reading my post and pointed out that I had the numbering incorrect:

It appears the chessboard picture diagram is marked incorrectly. I don’t know if this will affect the overall riddle. The board alignment is correct, but the A-H and #’s are on the wrong sides. Ranks (the horizontal rows) are marked 1-8, Rank 1 being the lowest row, or the one closest to the “white” player. Files (the vertical columns) are marked A-H, File A being the furthest left column, and the H-File furthest on the right (once again, this is from white’s perspective, which every standard chess board bases its view from).

So Chapter 1, Section 1 (A1): “En Passant [They Say]” would actually begin on the bottommost left black square where the current diagram shows Chapter 8, Section 57 “The Wrong Square / Hang me with Slansky!”

Unfortunately, you can’t just simply rotate the board counter-clockwise, because then the alignment would be wrong (“light is right” [the bottommost right square should be white in order to properly set the pieces in their correct positions at the beginning]). Once again, I have no clue if this would actually impact the “game,” but thought I’d share. Looking forward to see where, if anywhere, Armand goes.

Patzer, the nom de plume of the person who contacted me, is also a term for a very poor chess player, I’m even worse I didn’t know how to number a chessboard!!!

I’ve redesigned the board and present it here.

Not sure if it makes any difference to the end result but let’s wait and see. At least this way f there is a reference to c3 or e5 etc. I will have the chapter headings correct.

Thanks Patzer


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