Notes for poems to be found in the desert – another fiction published


More self promotion of my own fiction today.

Last month UK based journal Burning House Press published a call out for “Non-Nonfiction”, it followed hot on the heels of my recent publication in Overland where the submission call out was for fiction disguised as or in the guise of ‘real’ textual artefacts. The Burning House Press edition to be edited by John Trefrey, an architect and writer who edits publications for “Inside the Castle” in Kansas.

The call out was as follows:

This is a program whose texts are overwhelmingly allusive without ever noting their referents, where human beings only exist as ciphers whose names have grammatical value in the text, not because they are especially alluring organisms. Text forms, or formal vehicles of text that are not time-dependent, do not demand causality, for example: exegeses of science or humanities, visual glossaries, catalogs, fraudulent criticism, mythology, lists, curated jargon, directions, instruction manuals, screenplays for natural history documentaries. Texts that revel in language, with the pure fascination of prose, and without the constraint of the human desire to unburden the spirit, yet still with the exceedingly concrete duty of conveying information, albeit desperately, hilariously inaccurate.

I submitted a set of notes for an imaginary collection of poems and I am pleased to say that my submission was selected for publication.

You can read my “Notes for poems to be found in the desert” here.

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Image of Mount Sonder from the Larapinta Trail in central Australia, on the Arrernte lands in the West McDonnell Ranges courtesy of Tania Verbeeck, taken during the yearly charity hike I organised (May 2015)


5 thoughts on “Notes for poems to be found in the desert – another fiction published

    • Hopefully more to come & the fragments will form a coherent whole!!
      Your standard narrative arc is not something I’ve come to terms with.
      Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.

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  1. I really enjoyed this piece. John’s theme was an especially good one. My own offering included apocalyptic-toned images from Alice Springs and Melbourne, by the way. Off topic, but looking at Tania’s photo here I was thinking that taking the Larapinta the way most people do, seeing Mt Sonder in the distance must offer promise of the end approaching.

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    • I really enjoyed you piece too. A call out that hit the mark.
      The “reverse” walking means a few logistical headaches, as people tire & may require attention the town is closer, finishing 250kms from the nearest shower is not that appealing (not to mention the fact a closing ceremony being impossible) & the afternoon sun in your face being the primary reasons I planned the trip in reverse. Having said that, finishing at the pinnacle would be a highlight.

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