Queensland Literary Award Winners 2016


Last night the winners of the Queensland Literary Awards for 2016 were announced. There was one award that was not given, with two “encouragement” awards given instead, and there was one award that was shared. I congratulate the judges for having the courage to not present an award and to split where appropriate. A refreshing thing to see.

Here are the winners of each category.

Queensland Premier’s Award for a work of State Significance

Prize: $25,000

Winners: Not Just Black and White, Lesley and Tammy Williams

Queensland Premier’s Young Publishers and Writers Awards

Two Prizes of $10,000 each

Winner: Emily Craven

Winner: Michelle Law

Unpublished Indigenous Writer – David Unaipon Award

Prize: $10,000

Winner: Paul Collis for Dancing Home

Emerging Queensland Writer – Manuscript Award

No winner, two Encouragement Awards given

Encouragement Award: H.E. Crampton for The Boatman

Encouragement Award: Laura Elvery for The Elements

Griffith University Children’s Book Award

Prize: $10,000

Winner: KidGlovz, Julie Hunt (author) and Dale Newman (illustrator)

Griffith University Young Adult Book Award

Prize: $10,000

Winner: Dreaming the Enemy, David Metzenthen

State Library of Queensland Poetry Collection – Judith Wright Calanthe Award

Prize: $10,000

Winner: Anatomy of Voice, David Musgrave

University of Southern Queensland Australian Short Story Collection – Steele Rudd Award

Prize: $10,000, co-winners awarded $5,000 each

Winner: A Few Days in the Country and other stories, Elizabeth Harrower

Winner: The High Places, Fiona McFarlane

University of Southern Queensland History Book Award

Prize: $10,000

Winner: The Pearl Frontier: Indonesian Labour and Indigenous Encounters in Australia’s Northern Trading Network, Julia Martínez and Adrian Vickers

The University of Queensland Non-Fiction Book Award

Prize: $10,000

Winner: Small Acts of Disappearance: Essays on Hunger, Fiona Wright

The University of Queensland Fiction Book Award

Prize: $10,000

Winner: Between a Wolf and a Dog, Georgia Blain

The Courier Mail People’s Choice Queensland Book of the Year Award

Prize: $10,000

Winner: Swimming Home, Mary-Rose MacColl


4 thoughts on “Queensland Literary Award Winners 2016

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  2. I agree about the non-award, though *gosh*, you’d think having saved a few dollars by not awarding it, they could have given both the co-winners of the short story award $10,000…


  3. Very good… I didn’t know we had all these awards either. Onya mate. So much going on in Queensland, nobody knows. The Country so old, yet we know so little.
    I see things you cannot. Look and C


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