Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2015 Shortlist

The Shadow Jury voted yesterday and came up with their favourite six titles from a longlist of sixteen books (yes we added one to the official starting list of fifteen as we know it was eligible and it was entered, “Zone” by Mathias Enard)  and today the official judges named their six books to make the 2015 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize shortlist.

We have agreed on two works only!!!

In the coming days I’ll post the Shadow Jury Shortlist.

The official list is as follows (with links to my reviews where I have reviewed them, four of the six featuring here already – if they are still to be reviewed you have surprise reviews coming up from me AND soon!!!):

By Night The Mountain Burns by Juan Tomas Avila Laurel (translated by Jethro Soutar)

The End Of Days by Jenny Erpenbeck (translated by Susan Bernofsky)
In The Beginning Was The Sea by Tomas Gonzalez (translated by Frank Wynne)
Personally I’m a little disappointed at a couple of titles on the list (Murakami’s is not his strongest work but it was very popular upon release). All up this is not a poor list by any stretch of the imagination and you could do a lot worse than hunting any of these works down. I already have a personal choice from these works – no hints but maybe a female is about to win it at last!!! (Oops there’s only one on the shortlist!!!)

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