PEN Literary Awards – PEN Translation Prize 2015

This is certainly the time of year for Award literary announcements, I’ve skipped posting quite a few of them here given their lack of “translated” bent.
PEN America yesterday announced their Longlists for all their awards (for more details on these go to however I’ll simply announce the ten books selected for the PEN Translation Prize ($3,000 “for a book-length translation of prose into English published in 2014”). Sports book battles for $5,000 – hmmmm – no comment.
Witold Gombrowicz – Trans-Atlantyk (translated by Danuta Borchardt)
Josep Pla – The Gray Notebook (tr Peter Bush)

 Andrei Bitov – The Symmetry Teacher (tr Polly Gannon)

Thierry Cruvellier – The Master of Confessions (tr Alex Gilly)
Leonardo Padura – The Man Who Loved Dogs (tr Anna Kushner)
I Ching – (tr John Minford)
Anja Marie Aidt – Baboon (tr Denise Newman)
Carmen Boullosa – Texas: The Great Theft (tr Samantha Schnee)
Marie NDiaye – Self Portrait in Green (tr Jordan Stump)
Tove Jansson – The Woman Who Borrowed Memories (tr Thomas Teal and Silvester Mazzarella)

Reading and reviewing these works is a different matter – I may get to some of them, keep your eyes peeled.

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